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proposed MDCOM Pathway to Medical School

The 3+4 BS-DO pathway program:

From a college freshman to a medical doctor in only 7 years is an accelerated pathway program.

By blending a three-year program with undergraduate institutions in an innovative curriculum, MDCOM anticipates that graduates will be groomed to become patient-centric, empathetic physicians who will be well prepared to practice in the ever changing healthcare environment.


In the 3+4 pathway program, through curriculum innovation and exceptional mentoring combined with education cohorts, students will develop a learning environment tailored to a career in osteopathic medicine by the fourth year of matriculation. The MDCOM pathway program offers a unique opportunity for dedicated students to further enhance their academic backgrounds by completing rigorous coursework that builds skills for the type of clinical problem solving needed in the medical education process.

Under the 3+4 BS-DO pathway model, students have the opportunity to complete undergraduate coursework in three years, followed by four years of DO training at MDCOM.

Although there is much to learn in medical education, the 3+4 BS-DO program offers high-achieving, aspiring medical students an opportunity to shave off a year of their undergraduate education, thereby saving a year’s tuition.

What is a BS/DO Program?

A dual educational pathway of Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

The BS/DO program would grant qualified students entry into the proposed Maryland College of Osteopathic Medical School as they work toward completing their bachelor’s degree. This pathway is incredibly attractive for pre-med students. The combined BS and DO degree program allows an undergraduate the opportunity to secure a pre-med BS degree thereby equipping the student to thrive and reach their highest potential. Students feel more empowered in these programs because they are assured a reserved slot in the DO med school program after graduation, as long as they meet matriculation requirements.



Students who wish to apply to both undergraduate college and the proposed Maryland College of Osteopathic Medicine at the same time may do so through the Pathways Dual Admissions Program.

*D.O. stands for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine.

*M.D. stands for Doctor of Medicine.

As a partnership pathway program, Undergraduate Institutions and MDCOM together further the commitment to student diversity

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